We are here to help you sell or buy unsold inventory


The biggest fear of many traders is not selling and disposing of all their goods in time. Either because of fashion trends that change with the seasons, an expiration date, the latest tech gadgets that have just been released and are replacing the old version, or a promotion that didn't work as expected and the Inventory flow did not work as expected.

All these products that are not sold out in time become unsold for the merchant. As storage space is often limited, the trader cannot keep everything in stock for an extended period of time. The trader will therefore have to make room for his new products and remove unsold items from the shelves, so he ends up with a net loss.

Several merchants will try to make a final liquidation, a sidewalk sale, or even to make a donation. As a last resort, they could get rid of it by throwing it in the trash. However, items that have been discarded still have market value.

What we do for you

We work with you to find a win-win solution and avoid any net loss of vendor inventory as much as possible. Thanks to our network of contacts which brings together thousands of buyers, we will make every effort to find you the best offer for your unsold items.



We accept all types of goods. It can be perishable goods, clothes, shoes, jewelry, toys, household products, electronics, appliances, spare parts, professional equipment, machines, cars, machinery heavy, restaurant, store, dismantled factory and more.



You are looking for opportunities, looking for unsold items or equipment at a lower cost for your activity or for resale.


You are trying not to lose all the value of your unsold items or equipment, or want to find a buyer who could give them a second chance on another market or in another country.


You must register as a buyer if you wish to purchase unsold items from other businesses. You will need to determine the type of products you wish to purchase and your maximum price. Our system works in the form of auctions, offers or fixed prices. First come, first served or whoever bets the most to receive the good wins the bet.



There are three possible types of sales

Sell in an emergency

You have very short deadlines for removing unsold items. You don't want to pay to get rid of your unsold items. You are then looking for a buyer who can get the goods out as quickly as possible and have a certain amount of money linked to this emergency sale.

Sell with a delay

Your unsold items are now removed from the shelves and stored. You have no problem storing goods for a certain period of time and want to receive as much money as possible to resell your unsold items.

Predict future unsold

You are a few weeks away from removing your products from the shelves. You expect to have a number of unsold products and want to resell them when they come off the shelves. Notify potential buyers of your properties which will be put up for sale in the coming weeks subject to conditions. When your goods are removed from the shelves, send the final list of unsold to your potential buyers. Buyers will already have a good idea of the property you want to sell. So you can get your goods out of your warehouse faster and get a better quick selling price.


Sales department, with shipping department:

You want to manage the sale of your unsold items and make a good profit quickly. offers to process your unsold items and walkers for you directly on online sales platforms and in its international contact network, for a fixed period. When a lot is sold, you receive a purchase order, and you must prepare the items for shipment. Like a drop-shipping service! We take care of the promotion of your goods with the conditions and restrictions required, the invoicing, a date for taking a position on unsold items and ensuring a good transaction between you and the buyer.

Turnkey sales service 
Only available in certain regions

You want to delegate the sale of your unsold items and want to have the best possible price for your inventory. offers to manage your unsold items and resell them for you directly on online sales platforms and in its international contact network. We will take care of going to take the sales photos, prepare the best descriptions for you, collect all the information you require for the sale, collect the list of your inventory, the invoicing, a date of unsold items and to ensure a smooth transaction between you and the buyer. You only need to prepare your unsold items for shipment following our visit.

Turnkey sales and shipping service
Only available in certain regions

You no longer want to process your unsold items at all, but still want to make a profit instead of a total loss. offers to manage your unsold items and resell them for you directly on online sales platforms and in its international contact network. You will simply need to prepare your unsold items for shipment and submit your inventory list with basic description. We will have your unsold items transported to one of our distribution warehouses and take care of taking photos and selling the unsold items. For a fixed period, we will try to sell unsold items at the best possible price. We take care of shipping and invoicing; you will receive a percentage of sales made after a specified period or when all goods have been sold. Sales reports can be viewed directly online.


First, you must apply to register with our systems as a seller or a buyer or both. Once your request has been completed, an agent will contact you to determine the best solutions that can be offered to you. There is no cost associated with opening a case.


You must first register your business and provide all documents required for registration.


Complete the forms that indicate the conditions and restrictions on the sale of your unsold items. 
(You can change the terms and restrictions for each lot you list.)

Type of sale & service

Determine the type of sale and service you want.


Describe your unsold items, add inventory, market value price and photos.


Choose the type of shipping that suits you best.


Determine which payment options are best for you.


Direct From Market Is the subsidiary of Unsold Market which allows you to have purchasing facilities and certain insurances, with a risk-free, thanks to EDC Canada or an Escrow type of payment system. 


EDC (Export Development Canada) is a Canadian Crown corporation that provides financial and insurance solutions to Canadian businesses that want to expand their operations internationally. EDC's main focus is to help Canadian exporters succeed in foreign markets by providing them with financing, insurance, and bonding services. EDC also works with foreign buyers to help them purchase Canadian goods and services, and helps Canadian businesses manage the risks associated with exporting. EDC operates independently of the Canadian government, but is wholly owned by the government and reports to Parliament through the Minister of International Trade. 

An escrow payment system is a financial arrangement in which a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. The third party is typically an escrow agent or company, which acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, and holds the funds until both parties fulfill their contractual obligations.

In an escrow payment system, the buyer places the funds in an escrow account, and the seller completes the required work or provides the goods. Once the seller has fulfilled their obligations, the funds are released from the escrow account and paid to the seller. This system provides a level of security to both the buyer and the seller, as the funds are held by a neutral third party, and the transaction is only completed once both parties have met their contractual obligations.

Escrow payment systems are commonly used in real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and online transactions for goods and services, particularly in cases where the buyer and seller are unknown to each other or located in different countries.